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Achieve your objectives

Calvert Stinton will assist with any issues relating to engines and vehicles and in particular fuels, petrol, diesel, biodiesel and bioethanol, oils and lubrication, exhaust emissions and breakdowns.

A range of services is offered from general advice through to detailed investigation.  If necessary the results of an investigation can be presented in Court if the issues become the subject of litigation.

With a multidisciplinary background Calvert Stinton is able to identify the fundamental aspects of complex situations to enable problems to be solved rapidly.  This includes being able to communicate effectively with engineering, scientific, commercial and legal specialists.

Services are offered to any organisation or individual requiring assistance including engine and vehicle manufacturers, chemical companies, users of engines and vehicles, enforcement agencies and the legal profession.

Calvert Stinton will apply technical knowledge and experience to enable you to achieve your commercial, economic or environmental objectives.