We can offer...


We address all aspects of fuels including, selection, analysis, additives and usage.  We have expertise in both mineral based fuels and biofuels including the various types of biodiesel and bioethanol.  We investigate fuel systems problems including fuel injection systems.


We can advise on the selection of oils and other lubricants for specific applications. We also offer to investigate any failure in lubrication, e.g. bearing failures, scuffing etc.  This includes not just engines but hydraulic motors and other mechanical systems such as pumps.

Exhaust Emissions

We advise on the measurement and control of exhaust emissions from both engines and vehicles.  We can investigate high exhaust emissions levels and after-treatment and other control system failures.


With extensive experience of engine testing and development we can advise on all aspects of engine development and engine operation.  We have experience in all sizes of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.  We can undertake investigations into engine operation, problems, failures and breakdowns. 


We have the expertise and experience to investigate a wide range of problems associated with vehicle operation.  We offer an analysis of operational problems and breakdowns and advice on measures to prevent their recurrence.

Aftermarket Devices and Additives

With a wide experience of test design and test protocols we are well placed to advise on any aspect of aftermarket devices for engines and vehicles and on fuel and lubricant additives.

Expert Witness

Calvert Stinton is a qualified expert witness who has accepted instructions from the legal profession in a range of matters related to fuels, lubricants, exhaust emissions, metrology, engine building and engine operation and failures.  He has experience of acting in both civil and criminal cases for both the prosecution and defence.  He is also a trained negotiator and can therefore assist you in resolving disputes.

Dispute Resolution

Calvert Stinton is a qualified commercial mediator and as such can assist you to resolve any disputes at an early stage thus saving money, time and stress and allowing you to continue with your main line of business.