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Calvert Stinton has a first degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering where he specialised in tribology (the study of friction and wear).  He is thus particularly well qualified to work in areas where these two disciplines, science and engineering, overlap.  He has over thirty years experience and is a member of the Energy Institute and of the Academy of Experts.  He qualified as a commercial mediator in 2003.

Prior to forming his own consultancy in 1986 Calvert Stinton spent nine years working for a world leading company of consulting engineers specialising in the design, research and development of engines of all sizes.  He was the company’s Chief Chemist and was responsible for providing exhaust emissions measurement facilities as well as chemical analytical services.  He provided technical advice and expertise on a range of issues where chemistry had an impact on engines as well as the properties, specification and use of other functional fluids such as brake fluids.  He developed an established lubricants test facility and expanded into fuels testing. He also had a quality assurance responsibility for testing carried out on site.

Calvert Stinton has been active on a range of national and international committees dealing with engines, fuels, exhaust emissions and lubricants.

Amongst Calvert Stinton’s clients have been motor manufacturers, oil companies and chemical companies.  He has also worked for marketing companies, suppliers and users of engines and vehicles, motoring organisations, the legal profession and enforcement agencies.  His work has involved both technical issues and commercial matters.